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Improve port sustainability through high accuracy pilotage

Trelleborg is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced, highly accurate piloting and navigation solutions for offshore and pilotage applications.

Our user-friendly, automated solutions take advantage of the latest smart technology to improve situational awareness during maneuvers and enhance the safety, efficiency and sustainability of port operations.

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SafePilot software

Our SafePilot software provides ports with real-time navigation information, giving pilots greater control, safety and accuracy during port maneuvers.

Flexible PPU

SafePilot combines professional piloting software with portable pilot units (PPUs) to deliver situational awareness of a vessel to within 1cm accuracy.

Multiple information sources

SafePilot’s intelligent filtering system ensures pilots receive relevant details – from vessel movement data to AIS and tug positions and weather forecasts – to enhance decision-making.

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Prestigious Sailing Race Utilizes Trelleborg Solutions

Discover why our SafePilot solutions were used to maintain commercial traffic movements in confined waters during the world-famous Fastnet race.

Australasian Port Takes Navigation and Piloting to the Max

Explore how our SafePilot solution with CAT MAX PPUs enhanced piloting operations at a port that suffers from under-keel clearance restrictions and limited space

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