How to Avoid the Disconnect

Understanding the complex systems integration requirements for docking and mooring in FSRUs

Floating storage and regasification units (FSRUs) represent the majority of FLNG projects currently being executed or in the pre-FEED stage. With more than two entities required to interface with each other, systems integration becomes complex.

In this brand new whitepaper, you'll learn:

  • How regulations on design requirements differ between the jetty, FSRU and LNGC
  • The importance of an aligned and centralised monitoring and communications systems
  • The further mechanical and maintenance considerations to be taken into account for FSRU projects

With the growing prevalence of FSRU projects, it's essential that a holistic approach is taken to docking and mooring systems to pre-empt potential operational design problems. The needs of the jetty, the FSRU and the LNGC are different and it's essential to avoid considering the three entities in isolation.

In addition to our complete fender, docking and mooring solutions for LNG, we have recently expanded into two new product areas, Oil and Gas Transfer Technology and Vessel Technology.